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MATTED Composition Options –

I follow museum standards when dry mounting my photographic compositions on acid-free, Rising Museum Board in Warm White, which remains the industry’s finest.

Size "C"
(Frame Size: 14" x 11")

$ 95 individual +

   * Special Offers: 14" x 11"

Choose Two: $ 85 each +   – Save $20!
Choose Three or more: $80 each + – Save $45 or more!


Size "A"
(Frame Size: 20" x 16")

$ 195 individual +

   * Special Offers: 20" x 16"

Choose Two: $ 185 each + – Save $20!
Choose Three or more: $ 180 each + – Save $45 or more!

Size "B"
(Frame Size: 28" x 22")

$ 310 individual +

   * Special Offers: 28" x 22"

Choose Two: $ 300 each + – Save $20!
Choose Three or more: $ 295 each + – Save $45 or more!


+See Shipping Notes below in FedEx section. Compositions subject to availability and will be confirmed at time of order request. Size restrictions: as noted in portfolio. Not all are available in my largest size.


About Mat Size and Frame Size:   These are essentially the same: they refer to the external measurements of my mat board, as well as the internal dimensions of the corresponding frame. All three of my mat sizes fit standard frame sizes. My size convention is: Width x Height; the photographs are mounted in "landscape" position.

About the Viewable Area or Window Opening:   Mat board (including the outer window mat) is larger than the drymounted photograph. The approximate size of the viewable printed area (window opening) is listed below:

  14" x 11" (Size-C)   Width: 8 5/8"  x  Height: 6 13/16"

  20" x 16" (Size-A)   Width: 13 1/2"  x  Height: 10 5/8”

  29" x 22" (Size-B)   Width: 19 5/8"  x  Height: 15 1/2”


FRAMED Composition Options –

I've used Nielsen frames for my entire career as their quality remains substantial. I selected the aluminum Frosted Silver as my standard over 30 years ago because, in my opinion, it provides a quiet elegance.

frame dimensions

Frame Option-1:  Framed with TruVue UltraView Glass  

I absolutely love TruVue's UltraView glass for what it does not do to my work! Namely, it does not change my color fidelity. Plus, in most ideal lighting conditions, you'll ask youself: "where's the glass?"
The result: you focus on the composition, not reflections.

   FRAMED with Glass, Size-A ("Medium") 20” x 16" with Composition =  $400   +  Shipping

   FRAMED with Glass, Size-B ("Large") 28” x 22"  with Composition =  $550  +  Shipping


Frame Option-2:  Nielsen *Frameset KITs...Include:

An assembled premium Nielsen aluminum frame in Frosted Silver (my standard for 35 years!)
A matched acid-free backing board
All hanging hardware.
... All you need is the glass!

...PLUS: Can be included in packages containing matted photographic compositions of same or larger size for no-additional shipping charge.

FRAME KIT 1:  Size-A ("Medium") 20” x 16"   @  $70 each

   Special Offers: Two or more: $60 each + Shipping (Maximum: four per package)

FRAME KIT 2:  Size-B:  ("Large") 28” x 22"  @ $85 each

  Special Offers: Two or more: $75 each + Shipping (Maximum: four per package)



**IMPORTANT Notes: All shipping prices listed here pertain to the lower contiguous 48 US States Only.
Our shipping price is set by the largest item within the same package. + For shipments that require three or more days in transit via FedEx we add a modest variable surcharge per order, which we will preconfirm with you prior to order completion. This surcharge also applies to Free Shipping offers, which are detailed in our Terms and Policies section (see #4 below).

Matted Compositions:  

We can ship up to five (5) matted compositions per package!

    Size-C  ("Small")    14" x 11" = $20+

    Size-A  ("Medium")   20" x 16" = $35+

    Size-B  ("Large")    28" x 22" = $40+

Framed with Ultraview Glass:  

One (1) composition per shipment boxed with glass. Requires additional materials and handling to ensure safety in transit.

   Size-A  ("Medium")  20" x 16" = $45+   

   Size-B  ("Large")  28" x 22" = $55+   

Frameset Kit-only: Up to two kits per shipment.


    Size-A   ("Medium")   20" x 16" =  $35+

    Size-B  ("Large")  28" x 22" =  $40+


How to Place an Order, Terms and Policies

== Important! == You must use an Internet Browser that is capable of scrolling through each of the following four sections. Your completed order indicates that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed within each.



1) You must understand and agree to the following terms:  
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The following is an extension of my general Terms and Conditions. Before placing a photographic order for yourself or on behalf of someone else, please review the information at the following link:  

In addition, you understand and agree that:

1) Purchasing photographs created by Jill Bedford only conveys the right to display and enjoy the original physical items purchased, in addition to giving them as gifts and/or exchanging them with others;

2) Any purchase transaction--including receiving previously purchased photo(s) as a gift, or upon discovery (e.g., while shopping)--does NOT include transfer of a copyright or license to the photographs, in addition, there are no rights granted or implied to reproduce or copy the photographs either whole or in part in any any format--these remain the sole property and exclusive rights of Jill Bedford and travel with the photographs or her products without expiration;

3) You understand and agree to the Returns and Exchange Policies as listed in Section #4 below.

IMPORTANT: Your purchase transaction indicates your understanding and acceptance to the above terms. If you do not agree, you may not purchase a photograph.


            # End Section 1 #


      (Click on this bar and scroll through section to read. #..# denotes end of section)

My website is compliant with online security and encryption standards, however, I do not host a shopping cart. Instead, I use our bankcard processor's secure invoicing service through which you may pay for your order using US-issued credit cards, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

All I need from you is the following information via phone or email:

1. Image Title -- with Composition-Number (e.g., Tulips, Composistion-219)

2. Mat or Frame Size (e.g., Size-A 20" x 16")

3. - Your Full Name,
    - Address,
    - City, State, Zip Code,
    - Your Mobile Phone Number
    - Your Email Address (for FedEx email tracking)

4. A Shipping Address (if different than above address).

5. Email this information to: or call-in at: 262-478-7335

Once I receive the above information, I will confirm availability and estimated shipping time. You will then receive an email with a link back to a custom invoice located at our bankcard processor's secure website (our processor is Square--the same one we've used for years at art festivals: Simply complete the credit card transaction, at which time I will be notified and will begin to assemble and ship your order.


            # End Section 2 #


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A FedEx Signature Requirement is Optional:


Many customers prefer that I DO NOT include a delivery "Signature Requirement," so I make that optional. Because of this I ship without a required signature. At your request, however, I will add a FedEx Signature Requirement to your shipment for a modest fee (currently $3.50 per shipment).

By choosing a Signature Requirement option, however, you agree to be fully responsible for any steps necessary to receive the package with a signature. Your package will only be delivered at your location if someone authorized by you signs for the package. If a package is returned to me because it was not properly signed for, you are responsible for both the original and return shipping cost. I will deduct the fees from your original payment and a new shipping fee must be prepaid in order to reship the package.

     OPTIONAL ITEM: FedEx Signature Requirement Fee: $3.50 per shipment.

What you must do upon receiving your package:

Your package will be prepared and treated with the same care and attention to detail as you will find in my photographs.

Within the first 24 hours of taking receipt of the package, the recipient or someone authorized by the recipient, must inspect the photograph for any damage that may have been caused by shipping.

If you discover any damage to the photographic contents, including framing components, caused by shipping, you must report it to me immediately--within the first 24 hours of receiving your package, either by phone: 262-478-7335, or by email: in order to make arrangements for pickup and inspection of the damage by the original carrier, and to discuss next steps.

I may request that a digital photograph of the damage be emailed to me. Assuming there is no damage to the photographic contents caused by the original shipper, the limits to the insurance or declared value of the original contents ends when the package reaches its shipping destination, whether left at the destination or signed for by a recipient. Beyond that time, I am not responsible for damages and mishandling caused by others or circumstances that are beyond my control, including environmental-related damages, theft or others.


            # End Section 3 #


      (Click on this bar and scroll through section to read. #..# denotes end of section)

Internet-based and Sales with Shipping:

Beyond a reported damage caused by the original shipper, if you are dissatisfied with your selection for any other reason, please call me within 24 hours of package arrival to discuss and make arrangements for a return or exchange, subject to the following conditions:

FedEx or UPS Store Packaging Required for All Returns and Exchanges:
I will provide you with an email with complete instructions and the steps you need to take for me to process the return. You must use either a UPS Store or a FedEx Office Store to professionally package and insure your return package. The email will include specific boxing requirements that must be followed in order to meet the terms of my returns and exchange policy.

Please Note: In all cases of returns or exchanges, you are responsible for paying the associated costs of return shipping, including insurance.

Free Shipping Offers:

My periodic Free Shipping Offers are limited, one-way only and are based upon my presumption of customer satisfaction with the selected compositions at the time of purchase. + For shipments that require three or more days in transit via FedEx we add a modest variable surcharge per order, which we will preconfirm with you prior to order completion. This surcharge also applies to Free Shipping offers. If you desire to exchange your selections received with Free Shipping, you will be responsible for the shipping cost to return your original selections, in addition to new shipping costs for your exchanged-for selections (unless you are adding additional new purchases of equal or greater value to the original order, which may qualify for an additional Free Shipping offer--returning to you).

If you are returning without exchange you are responsible for the return shipping costs (subject to my requirements), in addition, I charge back an additional fee covering the originating Free Shipping cost, plus a materials and handling fee. You may apply your remaining balance to an exchange, however new shipping charges will also be applied to any exchanges.

State Sales Tax and Refunds Policy:

For Internet orders (outside the state of Wisconsin), we do not charge state sales tax. You are responsible for paying any applicable sales taxes.

*Sales Tax Terms for Art Fair and Local (On-Site) Sales:
We charge and pay the applicable state sales tax to the local taxing authority for each transaction after 72 hours of the originating transaction. Once we have already paid the state taxing authority we are unable to reimburse the sales tax amount to you. We are not a large company that can afford to absorb such additional costs. Thank you for your understanding.


            # End Section 4 #



Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates make a great gift for any time of the year.
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Gift Certificates--Say it with Flowers!  



On All Wisconsin-based orders: I add 5.1% state sales tax to the order, unless the sale is conducted in a location outside Delafield, WI, in which case the local sales tax will be applied.

Internet-based orders Placed Outside of Wisconsin: We do not charge sales tax for orders placed outside of Wisconsin. The purchaser is responsible for attending to their local sales tax.



Please contact me at any time if you have any questions. Thank you!

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