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Print Compositions

At the present time I have a limited number of matted and framed compositions at special prices. I also now offer my prints in a NEW Print-Only option (See section #2).

1) Matted Compositions:

Note: These are limited in number and are my final matted compositions.


The sizes are "frame sizes;" all three being standard sizes. They do not include a frame (they are matted and dry mounted only with a cover window in my traditional Rising Museum Board in Warm White).

Please provide a list of compositions you are interested in and in which sizes. I will confirm availability w/in 24 hours of receipt. Prices listed do not include shipping.

Also, I can provide you with simple online viewing arrangements (above) to view prior to making your purchase. If you would like to view printed samples, please consider purchasing a set of my Color Print Samples (see below).

14" x 11" (Order as: "M-14") = $ 65 each

Printed Area is Approximately: 8.74" x 6.9"

20" x 16" (Order as: "M-20") = $ 175 each

Printed Area is Approximately: 13.63" x 10.76"


28" x 22" (Order as: "M-28") = $ 295 each

Printed Area is Approximately: 19.75" x 15.6"


2) NEW: Print-only Compositions:

I also offer a Print-Only Option in the mid and large sizes (referred to as: P-20 or P-28, see below). * This option is either shipped rolled in a protective, insured tube, or can be shipped within a box containing a pre-matted print, or a blank precut window set.

For these prints you will need to work with a local framer to dry mount the photograph.

If shipping with just the print, it will be carefully rolled inside a protective, insured tube.

I also include two print guides for your framer:

1) Frame Shop Image Cropping Positioning (to match my crop); and,

2) Window "Opening" Measurements.

The process is easy and I sell this way now to many customers with excellent results.

If you are new to this, rolling a print is safe and does not kink the paper. It travels safely inside an insured sturdy tube and the print also is contained within a musuem quality protective sleeve, which is oversized to provide internal border protection.

You simply bring the tube to your frame shop, slide the print out from the tube and you're on your way.

"P-20" = $100 each

Intended for Frame Size: 20" x 16"

Printed Area is Approximately: 13.63" x 10.76"


"P-28" = $160 each

Intended for Frame Size: 28" x 22"


Printed Area is Approximately: 19.75" x 15.6"


Special Notes About Print-Only Compositions:

Each rolled print includes a unique Serial Number of Authenticity and Composition Title printed in the lower white border (not on the print itself).


My personal signature in permanent ink, as always, is included on the lower right corner of the paper's white border. -- If you prefer my personal signature over the print itself, let me know at the time of your order as we may have to try a few different pen inks--for your preapproval--before finalizing the print.


3) Limited Framed Compositions:

Note: I also have a limited number of Framed compositions available. Please provide a list of compositions you are interested in and in which sizes. I will confirm w/in 24 hours of receipt.

Note: My Framed Option includes my standard frame for over 30 years: Nielsen Aluminum in Frosted Silver, and is covered in my preferred archival anti-reflective glass: TruVue UltraView.
I use acid-free Rising Museum board in warm white on all of my compositions.

20" x 16" (F-20) = $ 390 (Requires extra packaging.)

28" x 22" (F-28) = $ 490 (Local Sales Only due to size.)

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Color Print Samples!

Small color print proofSmall color print proof

Curious about the actual color of my photography, or not sure which to pick? Try my Color Print Samples, printed on the same Luster paper as my larger photographs. Each measures 4 1/4" wide by approx. 3 3/8" tall. Choose any six images, just $10 plus shipping.

Plus you can use them to preview how a print will fit on your wall space.
Click here for a simple example.


Choose Any Six (6) Images $10 + USPS Mail & Packaging, Add: $5 $15
Each Additional Image $2 Included with above shipping. $2 each


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M-14  (Matted) FedEx, Box, w/email tracking Avg: $25
M-20  (Matted) FedEx, Box, w/email tracking Avg: $35
M-28  (Matted) FedEx, Box, w/email tracking Avg: $40
F-20, F-28 (Framed) Local delivery arrangement only. I do not ship glass. N/A
(Print Only)
P-20, or P-28
USPS, Priority Mail, Tube, with USPS tracking Avg: $18
Color Print Samples USPS, First Class Mail, Protected Envelope $5

1) Shipping prices here are +estimated US-Average, Lower-48 States. I will confirm your actual price once I've received your shipping address. Price is set by the package required for the largest item.

2) Shipping outside of the Lower 48 Contiguous States will be custom quoted.

3) We can mix Matted and Print-Only selections in the same package for one boxed price.

4) Artists Prints Shipped in Tubes: Unless ordered with a matted composition (in which cases the Print-Only options will travel within the same shipping box, carefully packaged within a protective cardboard "sandwich"), my Print-Only options come delivered carefully rolled in a sturdy shipping tube and covered in a durable, surface-safe, acid and lignin-free clear plastic sleeve. This is a common way for shipping prints and framing shops are familiar with this. Rolling prints does not kink or hurt the paper. Plus, we can ship multiple rolled prints in the same tube for the same shipping price.

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How to place your order!

Before placing an order, you Must Review and Agree to the following terms of sale. Your purchase confirms your understanding and agreement.

(Click to open each box section and scroll.)

First, thank you for your interest in my photography! This section is to clarify what transacts when you purchase or obtain photographs or works created by me, Jill Bedford.

Purchasing or obtaining my photographic work only conveys the right to display and enjoy the original physical item(s) purchased or obtained, in addition to giving them as gifts and/or exchanging them with others. This does NOT include transfer of a copyright or license. I retain all copyrights and control over any licensing.

In addition to this, purchasing or obtaining my photographic work through gifting, exchanges, or by any process of discovery does NOT grant you or anyone else the right to copy or reproduce my photographic work either whole or in part, in any format. I retain all rights to production, copying and/or modifying of my copyrighted works.

The above is restated from my Terms and Conditions of Use and Sales found at:, which are inclusive of any transaction involving my photographic work.

Your completed purchase transaction confirms your understanding and agreement to uphold the aforementioned terms. If you do not agree, you may not purchase my work.

I hope that viewing my photographs bring you as much joy as I have experienced in producing them!

Jill Bedford

Delafield, Wisconsin


# End of Terms Agreement Section #


1) How to Order Your Selection(s) – CLICK HERE.

Please email the following information to me at: or you may call it into my studio at: 262-478-7335 (I will confirm availability and shipping time.)

1) Image TITLE & IMG-Number (e.g., Summer Flowers, IMG-200)

2) Matted, Framed or Print-Only, and in which Size(s)?:
     (example: "Framed in Size F-28" -- Or, if print only: "Print-Only in Size P-28")

3) Recipient's Shipping Information:

    1. Full Name,
    2. Shipping Address, including: City, State, Zip Code,
    3. Mobile Phone Number; and,
    4. Email Address (for FedEx email tracking updates).

About Credit Cards:
I do not host a shopping cart on my website, so your credit card information is not required to initiate an order (it remains your private information). Instead, I will send an email invoice through our secure bank card processor for direct credit card payment through them. I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards issued by banks headquartered in the United States.

Once your payment has processed, I will be immediately notified and begin to assemble your order and prepare it for *shipping.

About Sales Tax:
On All Wisconsin-based orders: I add 5% state sales tax to the order, unless the sale is conducted in a location outside Delafield, WI, in which case the local sales tax will be applied.

Internet-based Orders Placed Outside of Wisconsin: We do not charge sales tax for orders placed outside of Wisconsin. Purchasers outside Wisconsin are responsible for attending to their local sales tax.


* PLEASE NOTE: I ship without a signature required, however, you can add this by request! Please read the Shipping section #2 below for information.


# End How to Order Section 1 #


I will package and fulfill your order with the same care and attention to detail as you will find in my photographs!

In the unlikely event that a package arrives damaged through shipping, which has also damaged the contents, I and/or FedEx or USPS will cover the costs of replacement, including shipping the original back and reshipping a replacement of the original item(s) ordered.

In order to expedite this, you must contact me within the first 24 hours of receiving the package. You can do this either by phone: 262-478-7335, or by email at:

Working together, we will make arrangements for the package to be inspected by the carrier in order to expedite the replacement process.


Completed Shipments:

Assuming there is no damage to the photographic contents caused by the original shipper, the limits to the insurance of the original contents ends when the package reaches its shipping destination, whether left at the destination or signed for by a recipient. Beyond that time, I am not responsible for damages or mishandling caused by others or circumstances that are beyond my control, including environmental-related damages, theft or others.


Returns With and Without an Exchange:
If you are returning with or without an exchange you are responsible for the return shipping costs, including required insurance, in addition to the original shipping cost, which is not refundable. We make a sincere effort to pre-confirm your order prior to shipping, including confirmation of all: Image-numbers, Image-names, Matted size. Please note the difference between matted size and "window opening," or "viewable image area," which is smaller than the stated mat size (see above notes under: "Matted Only Compositions.") To help confirm your order, we may also use "thumbnail" images sent via email to confirm the compositions being ordered.

In the event that we mistakenly ship you the wrong product, as previously confirmed prior to shipping, we will cover the cost of shipping the original items back to our studio, and then reship the previously confirmed items back to you at our expense. In all other instances, I may charge back an additional handling fee. In order for the refund to process, the contents being returned must arrive in their original condition. Your credit card will be refunded the balance through our bankcard processor. Please see Return Packaging Requirements below.


Return Packaging Requirements:  

Via email, I will provide you with complete return instructions, including specific boxing requirements that must be followed in order to meet the terms of my returns and exchange policy. You must use either a UPS Store or a FedEx Office Store to professionally repackage the contents, or have them check that the package is secure using the original box. You must also insure your return package for the full amount originally paid.

To locate a FedEx Store, click here:

To locate a UPS Store, click here:


FedEx Offered Delivery Options:

You may be interested in FedEx's "hold-at-a-location" Service, which includes participating Walgreens, currently at no additional charge. To learn more, visit FedEx here:


You may also be interested in changing the location of your delivery, which you can manage directly with FedEx (with proof of ID and your tracking number). To learn more about the FedEx Delivery Manager, please visit:


About the FedEx Signature Requirement:

Most customers prefer that I DO NOT include a delivery "Signature Requirement," so I make that optional at an additional fee charged by FedEx. Let me know if you would like this service and I will be happy to add it onto your order.

If you choose this option, however, you agree to be fully responsible for any steps necessary to receive the package with a signature.

Your package will only be delivered at your location based on one of three additional FedEx signature options:

1) Indirect Signature Required;

2) Adult Signature Required (requires proof of ID); and,

3) Direct Signature Required.

You may read more about what each option entails by visiting the FedEx website and selecting: FedEx signature requirements and delivery options link.

Keep in mind that if a package is returned to me because it was not properly signed for, you are responsible for both the original and return shipping cost. I will deduct the fees from your original payment and a new shipping fee must be prepaid in order to reship the package.


State Sales Tax Policy:

For Internet-based orders (outside the state of Wisconsin), we do not charge state sales tax. The purchaser is responsible for paying any applicable state and local sales taxes.


Sales Tax Terms for Art Fair and Local (On-Site) Sales:
We charge and pay the applicable state sales tax to the local taxing authority for each transaction after 72 hours of the originating transaction. Once we have already paid the state taxing authority we are unable to reimburse the sales tax amount to you. We are not a large company that can afford to absorb such additional costs. Thank you for your understanding.


# End of Shipping Returns Policy Section 2 #


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About My Process and Technique:

All of my photographs began life on color negative film using my beloved Mamiya RZ-67, which is a medium format portrait camera. My compositions do not originate as a digital file. I used to spend countless hours in a traditional darkroom dealing with the limits of exposure time, chemicals and light. That was the height of technology.

Today, using Lightroom, I now have all the time I need to document what I see in my gardens in their truest colors. I can honestly say that the colors and complexities of light have never been better.

I produce my larger compositions using archival pigment-based Epson UltraChrome inks on acid-free, archival quality Epson Photo Luster paper.

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And a bit about Mats/Frame Size, & Dry Mounting

If you are new to matting and framing, my photographs and the mat boards that I use are composed of 100% acid-free materials. This choice is considered the gold standard for archival purposes and is followed by museums.

With the addition of a frame, both of the mats are fitted into the frame's internal dimensions, which are matched to the external dimensions of the outer mat boards. The frame traditionally includes enough room to fit other components, such as protective glass and/or additional mat boards.

The top mat includes a cut out area called the Window through which the photograph is displayed. To keep the photograph flat and fixed into place, it is dry mounted to the bottom mat using a special adhesive process. A protective shield of glass is usually placed on top of the window mat and fitted into the frame.

The size and position of a window opening is based on a subjective decision. I prefer a slight amount of the top mat window to overlap my prints.

If you are purchasing a "rolled" print from me, please do not worry: this is done between galleries and frameshops all the time. The roll does not have a negative effect on the print. It actually protects the integrity of the paper's edges.

Mat dimensions (which by convention start with the named visual width of the composition looking at it from left-to-right: W x H) refers to the outer dimensions of the mat required to fit into a specific frame size. Note: My three mat sizes are standard sizes (measured in "inches"), making them easy to locate in frame stores. My M-14 is fitted to a 14" x 11" frame; M-20 to a 20" x 16" frame; and, M-28 to a 28" x 22" frame.

Additional Details about my Matted & Framed Photography:

Each of my matted compositions above include:1) Authentic archival quality print, personally signed and titled with © on lower border (hidden by the "window" cover mat); 2) the print is dry mounted to 4-Ply, 100% cotton, acid-free Rising™ Museum board and the window cover mat is in my traditional Warm White; The window also includes my personal signature in archival pencil; 3) I've included an acid-free foam backing board for framing; and, 4) everything is carefully packaged in a durable, surface-safe, acid and lignin-free clear plastic sleeve for added protection.


Nielsen Aluminum frame in Frosted Silver

My Framed Option includes my frame standard for over 30 years: Nielsen Aluminum in Frosted Silver, and is covered in my preferred archival anti-reflective glass: TruVue UltraView.

Notes: Composition prices do not include shipping. Compositions subject to availability. Matted-only selections are denoted as "M-14, M-20 or M-28" and do not include a frame. Framed options are denoted as "F-20 or F-28" and are for local delivery only as I do not ship with glass. (I do not offer a frame option for the M-14 matted composition.) Prices described are for individual items, priced as "each."


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Contact Information:

Please contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Thank you!


Jill Bedford, Photography
P.O. Box 180022
Delafield, Wisconsin 53018

Studio: 262-478-7335

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Prices and information listed here may change without notice.